Click on Tattoo Icons for Meanings

The tattoo on my right arm is a visual centering device and a teaching aide. It began with the magic mushroom in 1968. The mushroom bothered me because it lead to mindless conversations about the drug use of the sixties without transmitting the message of recovery that is precious to me now. The sandal prints of the Buddha and the One  ( an open hand ) found there way on to my arm  as the direct result of a prophetic vision I had in 1975. Click here for a description of the vision. Each sandal print is an icon and if you click it, you will be provided with it's meaning. Click on the open hand and more will be revealed. I have two or more directions for each icon. I use the tattoo to encourage  my focus between formal meditation sessions. In order to make sense the whole tattoo has to be approached as spiritual work in progress.