Third Step/Third Noble Truth/Third Stage Dependent Arising

3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

After having located a power greater than myself that has the solution, I have been seeking, I will need to do one more thing. I will need to embrace the solution that I have been offered by this helper, let go of my egotistical resistance to giving into another person's superiority in this matter and surrender. I may not like to surrender. I may wish I had been able to solve this problem myself, but I couldn't and it would be just stubborn, hard-headedness to not follow direction. If I am shown how to balance my checking account but I do not follow these instructions, then I am the source of my own unhappiness and it is going to cost me. I may loop back around, practicing the old problem, recognizing that I am powerless, discovering the help that I can not find in me is out there and finally surrendering to the solution after more failed attempts at self-will.

In more spiritual terms, eventually, all the delusion will melt away into the undivided, unborn, and undying. It is the destiny of all to see this, to become liberated from the delusion of the conventional mind. No individual can be liberated because no unique self can be found. From the perspective of the conventional mind, it makes sense that our energy be devoted to the liberation of all. To act in ways counter to the natural flow pollutes even conventional reality. Our purpose is to turn our will and life over to the care of God as we understand Him e.g. to make ourselves into an instruments of Godís will. What will that instrument do, what will be its purpose. It is our purpose to carry the message to the still suffering. If your hand hurts, you rub it with ointment. It is a part of you. If your child cries you soothe her, she is a part of you. If your neighbor falls, you pick him up; he is a part of you. No one enters the kingdom of God a lonely individual. It is either all or none. Yes, all for one and one for all. Our vow should be to stay, not cross over, until all beings are free.

3. The Truth that Suffering has a Remedy

The prognosis of the disease of life is good. The Third Noble Truth recognizes that to treat the disease of life  it will be necessary to find relief from craving, hatred and the desire for solidity. What has a cause can be treated by pursuing the appropriate remedy. 

3. Consciousness (the creation of a predisposition based on action and ignorance that is stored from moment to moment as memory).


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