Memorable Quotes from Home Grown Buddha          

           "If the mind is constructing the world, then it should be possible to change the world by changing the mind."

           "Craving appears to be a dependent phenomenon based on the existence of its associated object but it is actually the shadow of our response to the fear of impermanence. We are always looking for a savior."

           "We look at suffering as if it is the devil, but in truth, suffering is the reason we trod a spiritual path, look for answers to life's questions, or sit in the pews or forests or yoga retreats. Suffering is a necessary component of liberation."

           "There are many roads to Jerusalem, but no matter which road you take your destination is just the same. The roads may be four lane highways or muddy cow paths but in the end they all lead home."

           "We live in our stories like exotic fish in a tank. "For now we see through a glass darkly." The tank's glass walls hide the mystery beyond by reflecting, like a mirror, a mind created image of ourselves."

           "The Bible portrays our relationship to God with a kind of intrauterine intimacy when it says, "In him we live and move and exist."  When something is in something, it can be either in a solution or a suspension. If something is in a solution, what is inside is indistinguishable from what it is inside of."



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Mr. Maniscalco is a Licensed Professional Mental health and Substance Abuse  Counselor with 25 years working in both residential and outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment programs. His master's degree is in mental health and substance abuse counseling and he is a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Mr. Maniscalco has a regular Yoga practice and is a Yoga Teacher. He has used his knowledge of Yoga in the treatment of his substance abuse and mental health clients with particular focus on helping them to discover more peaceful ways to work with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Mr. Maniscalco is an adjunct instructor in the Human Services program at Baker College in Port Huron, Michigan. 



























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